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GMSC Backgrounder

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“Dedicated to Capturing & Communicating Innovation Success”       


GLOBAL MEDIA STRATEGY  COMMUNICATIONS LLC is a public relations & Influencer communications consultancy of leading corporate, startup, journalist and agency professionals. Specializing in leadership communications, from traditional to new media programs, we partner with startup through Fortune 500 companies to deliver targeted, impactful, high-level integrated communications. 

SEAMLESS, AFFORDABLE, EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS, GMSC can function either as a strategic cost-efficient consultant or extension of your communications capabilities, or act as your virtual communications department, scaling to support your operations.

We bring together this type of Silicon Valley-based through global business strategy, communications, and influencer access together all under one roof.

Senior Communications Innovators: we are focused on capturing, packaging and communicating the bottom-line benefits of traditional technology, cloud & enterprise, energy & transportation, IOT & smart grid, mobile & messaging, music/food & entertainment, and consumer & professional services companies with targeted stakeholders around the world. 

Start-up to Fortune 500 Experience: we partner with every client to define how they are truly differentiated and then package their strengths for customers, partners, investors and the market, when the timing is right. Together, we shape communications culture and craft the right business, tech, and consumer stories for your specific targeted audiences.

Building a Powerful, Predefined Success Strategy: we help each client define what success means for every communications initiative — strategic planning, content and messaging, launch communications, PR, social media, executive communications — that we drive, and then achieve it.  We provide you with the strategic direction to create, execute and map communications impact, as well as the editorial and influencer capabilities to powerfully communicate your story across media to your strategic audiences.

THE BOTTOM-LINE: Working with Global Media Strategy Communications means that your bloggers blog, journalists buzz, investors invest, customers try and buy, influentials esteem, regulators approve, talent commits.