Silicon Valley Startup to Fortune 500 Communications  

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“CEO Jeff Lettes is a creative and insightful thinker who is well versed in the art and business of communications. His tenacity, knowledge of the tech industry, and intuition make him an incredibly effective PR guy,” Bill Reichert, Managing Director at Garage Technology Ventures

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Posted on TechCrunch Logo: Garage Tech Ventures Bill Reichert: Interest Rates, Unicorns And What The Fed Means To Silicon Valley
google-g:  Google Acquires Jibe Mobile   Jibe CEO (blog)
TechCrunch LogoEatStreet Online Food Platform Picks up $15M
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VentureBeat Editor Dylan Tweney, now Associate Partner, Content Creation 

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Garage_Reichert NPR Picture Forbes Tim Chang 3 VC Jim Breyer on Pando Daily

Garage Tech Ventures on NPR: History of Silicon Valley Innovation

Mayfield’s Tim Chang in Forbes: Silicon Valley VC Makeover

Accel Partners’ Jim Breyer interview: PandoDaily @SVForum Visionary Awards

Mid-Size to Fortune 500 Global Reach




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